CushyPanty - High Waist Leak Proof Panties
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Incontinence issues? Heavy period flow? Leaks & stain?

Breathable and Reusable Leak-Proof Panties offers you the super absorbency that holds 5 regular tampons’ worth to keep you comfy, fresh, and confident!

Designed for 360° leakage protection, it helps get rid of odor, and stops leaks using triple-layer leak-proof technology. Made with breathable and antibiotic layered fabrics, you can now sleep comfortably from periods, pee, and sweat!

Our mid-rise panties sit at the natural waist and give you firm control through the bum and belly. With soft cotton fabric that breathes and moves with you, it will hug your curves seamlessly for a perfect fit!


Ultimate Leakage Protection

Period-Proof, Stain-Free

Anti-Odor, Anti-Biotic

Comfy, Stretchy, Breathable

Seamless Perfect Fit

Easy To Clean


The 5th most common plastic found in our oceans is pads, tampons, and applicators - that's dangerous for marine life. In their lifetime, most women will use up to 11,000 disposable menstrual pads and tampons! It takes roughly 600 years for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill. Our leakproof underwear lasts an average 3 years, which means you’re eliminating thousands of unnecessarily tossed pads or tampons. Best part? You’re saving a bunch of money not buying all those indestructible pads or tampons.



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Verified Buyer
Life Saver
Life Saver
These allow me to actually leave the house without worrying about leaks. I get extremely and I mean extremely heavy periods. TMI, I overflow a menstrual cup between 30 minutes and maybe 3 hours max. I'm 30 and I literally had to buy depends to sleep because even getting up multiple times I woke up to a murder scene. The doctor didn't help me when I asked about what to do so I did some researching on my own and found these. These are much more affordable than others and they work. I use overnight maxi pads along with these and can sit on the couch without worrying about making a mess. These seriously are a life saver.

Verified Buyer
Great size range for larger bodies, protection where it's needed
Great size range for larger bodies, protection where it's needed
I have heavy periods (thanks endometriosis and PCOS) and I am in a larger size range than places like Thinx cater toward. I love this product. They are comfortable to wear and have held up to repeated wash/dry cycle. One of my problems with Thinx (other than them not offering a good plus size range) is that the waterproof area that prevents leakage doesn't extend up in the hind end. TMI time, during shark week my flo can be channeled up my bum and out the top of my crack. It's not cool, but lets face it period havers, this happens. These underwear have waterproof coverage all the way up to the waist in the back. It feels a little funny if I have to fart, like the underwear balloons out because waterproof = not breathable but it has protected my pants. And like I've been saying to people, it's a good period if I don't ruin my clothes to overflow or leakage. I also like them for when I'm doing activities that strain my 'has had two kids' bladder control. I feel a bit more confident knowing I'm not going to leak urine. Some others have commented on the sound. I don't feel it's noticeable once I'm wearing the rest of my clothes.

Verified Buyer
...wholeheartedly recommend them for seniors...
...wholeheartedly recommend them for seniors...
I bought my first package of 4 black panties 10/18/2017. They changed my life! First of all, they held urine and kept my bed dry. I was able to remove the uncomfortable pad I had been sleeping on. Secondly, they have caught very unexpected diarrhea a couple of times too. They wash well and have not shown wear at all. I now have a dozen of them. Some of them are a bit tight when first put on. But, over a day's time they do adjust to fit perfectly. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for seniors like myself.
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